Saturday, 6 June 2009

This week

This week I have sorted out the ncloth for shot 35 (the sheriff shooting the gun) and also shot 32a (the sheriff growling.) Again, it took me several attempts at getting the settings correct for the movements the characters were doing. After every change I cached the animation and kept the cache so I could use it later on and compare how things were changing, and after myself and Matt decided upon a cache that worked, I keyframed the rogue vertices to sort out interpenetration etc. So these two shots took me about a day to finish and hand over to Kanika, Sam and Harvey to render.

I have also been through some old scenes (mainly my fight scenes) and tweaked the animation of the characters, making the kick flip faster and more weightier/adding more suspense, and more movement to the prisoners also. I'm glad I have time to go back and do this, as animating 6 characters at a time tends to mean less time animating each character, so its nice to go back and add nuance to the characters and give them a bit more personality.

I sat down with Matt and we changed some of his bandit animation for shot 40 (the first fight/sliding scene) We got his head moving correctly and added breathing movements to him.

I started and completed the sheriff animation for shot 61 (the sheriff jumps up and taps the bandit on the shoulder.) This didnt take long at all to animate, as his movements are quite rigid due to his short dumpy legs.

I started animating the chains on the prisoner for the shot where he breaks them. After thinking about and testing with dynamics to animate the chains, I decided It would look better to keyframe the chains instead, as there are only about 6 or 7 frames when they are joined together then I plan on them shooting in all directions. Its looking nice so far, hopefully get it finished by the weekend!

Plan for this Weekend:
Overall I think I am on schedule with animation, I just need to do some more artwork to add into my artistic folder for the final submission (thats the job for this weekend anyway!) I was thinking about knocking up some storyboards of the prisoners floating in the sea on the carriage, and landing on a desert island. - could maybe add them to the end of the film as a collection of postcards or something, just to see where they ended up. Anyway, I'll post some images soon.

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