Saturday, 30 May 2009

first light shot

Shot 45 is 94 frames long, and in the playblast there is 5 bits of light, making 5 x 10 frames of action (end shot with 4 more) and 4 x 10 frames of darkness, which works with the music,
but from an animation point of view, a lot more could be done if it was, 5 x 15 frames of light and 4 x 5 frames of darkness.. I will have to talk with matt and see if it cuts to the music.

In the playblast it is one continous camera angle/shot, I think it would be nicer if there were close ups of the fighting instead, so with this in mind, here is the first 10 frames of action:
(my playblasts are messing up, so hopefully its timed alright!)


Heres the full sequence of shots!

The bucket shot has changed to make it more dramatic, as Matt and I liked all the action points of the other shots, and felt this didn't have one:

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