Monday, 8 June 2009


Ahh I missed the monday meeting with Dan Dali, Sorry!

However, today has been a productive day, I have sorted out ncloth for two scenes, finished animating the chains in the breaking chains shot, which is now ready to render tomorrow, and have started to sort out the dynamics for the chains in the establishing shot of the prisoners. I also spent about half an hour messing with Matt's shot of el bandito breaking through the carriage window, he decided not to use my animation as I moved quite a lot of the key frames and It was keyed on every frame pretty much, so the end of it looked like he had ants in his pants, but he liked some of my ideas and implemented some.. so thats coming on nicely.

also, were starting to see the final renders Sam and Harvey have been completing, and I have to say they're looking really nice. I think about half the film has been rendered so far and I cannot wait to see the finished film with the final sound added too.. excited XD

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