Thursday, 11 June 2009

some more playblast compilations

// Ta-da //

the progression of some of the work I've done over the last week or so, mashed into easy digestable movie clips and coloured pixels you just have to glance at.. nothing else.. amazing.

busy busy week!

Shot 27:
I animated the prisoners at the end of the shot.

Shot 61:

I was supplied the bandito animation and asked to animate the sheriff jumping behind him, tapping him on the shoulder and running off, I think the quick hobble works really well and Matt laughed when he saw it which is gooooood.

Shot 62:
I started out with the Sheriff holding the gun with two hands, but as the arm collided with the ncloth I decided to make it one hand, what to do with the other? hmm, make him like an emperor at a gladiators match, or atleast make him in control of the marshalls.. up, up... down with you!
I think it works quite well anyway :)

Matt didnt like the first few playblasts as the marshalls went up at the same time as the bandit, then he didnt like the marshalls going down, but after some role play I convinced him it is what they would do due to the bandits weight, so I carried on with it and he liked the final outcome.

Shot 20:
I nclothed the waistcoat, and keyed the problem vertices and then used the scult geometry tool to smooth out the jagged edges. I think this is a really good way of combining the tools to work to your benefit as you can easily and simply smooth or move the vertices in the frames that you dont like. I then added a simple bend deformer to the poster plane and animated it. I think it looks alright and Matt says it looks nicer than the tests he did with joints. It was put on to render tonight so I will get to see how it looks tomorrow, so its all good!

I painted the rigidity onto the vertices of the ncloth pretty roughly, but its enough to add a bit more sway to the animation. I painted the other attributes in previous shots, but found that they didnt really influence the animation enough in a low poly shirt to matter, so I just do rigidity maps now.

I then keyframed the attributes of the ncloth like damping and friction and also the position of it so it didnt intersect with the badge etc.


Added some coins to my previous table throw animation - I set up the scene today but ran out of time and got kicked out of uni, but it should be rendered tomorrow :)

Shot 32a:
Used the ncloth and cache from another shot and moved the waistcoat closer to the camera, as you didnt need to see the other side. short cut and a half :)

Also, Today with the help of Kanika, I've been rendering out chains for the initial shot of the prisoners, which will hopefully be finished by tomorrow to composite into the already rendered shot.


Tomorrow I plan on getting the table throw shot 34 to render, and the chains in the prisoner establishing shot to render. I also have to add ten frames of animation to each of the five fight scenes in shot 45.


I also had a say in the synopsis which will be printed in the brochure at the degree show, Which went from 'unfortunatly, he has a rollercoaster of events... .. blah blah' or something similar, to now 'but has he still got the skills to pay the bills?' This man thinks yes.

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