Wednesday, 27 May 2009


yesterday (may 26th) matt sent me shot 9 to add the ncloth scarf to. I found that it messed up half way through, at around frame 50, but thankfully this is where the scarf was out of shot. It was therefore possible for me to break the scene into two scene files, one with frames 10-50, and the other with frames 51-88.

heres the two playblasts and the final one joined together.



Joined together:

Today I found out that matt had tweaked the scene file again, so I'm just about start again and add the ncloth scarf all over again, which should only take about half an hour or so to get it working alright.

I then need to start working on the third fight scene/silloutted scene.
I'm a bit worried about time, as Ive just had about a week off from being ill, hopefully I can get everything sorted out in time!

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