Monday, 25 May 2009

2nd fight.

Over the last three days I have had quite a bad fever, so no work has been done, however, last week I completed the second fight sequence.

You will notice the first few playblasts were about getting the camera angle right, as the windows were quite small (alot smaller compared to the initial storyboards) I had to come up with actions that were easily viewable. I feel that the final outcome works really well in dealing with these constraints.


also, I was playing about with the marshall losing his hat half way through being shaken, Im not sure if it works or not. The floating down hat definatly didnt work as the timeframe was too short to get the full effect. I wasnt keen on it just dissapearing either, so I think the final shot will be with his hat in place. It all depends on what matt thinks though as he has the final say!

Final shot:

Also on matts blog there are some videos of shot 14, The first video (type 1) is the on he had in mind for the camera angle, but I didnt think the angle worked well as it was clear to see that el bandito was rolling out of the opposite carriage wall. I moved the carriage and the camera so he was rolling down the carriage, towards the door, which I feel would make more sense, (type 2 and type 3). I also suggested that he make the two shots into one shot, or at least have the first shot ending camera angle the same as the opening angle on the next shot. His only concern with this new camera angle was that el bandito didnt fit through the window propperly and he didnt want to change the key poses of the bandit, this could be easily fixed by widening the window for this shot.

uhh, Ive not eaten anything but bread for about 2 days now, and all I can think of is a nice juicy lamb steak I've got waiting in my fridge! bad times.

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