Wednesday, 27 May 2009

shot 9 - again!

Playblasts of the scene again. This time the ncloth didnt mess up, so its all in one scene file.

I keyed the ncloth attributes of dampening and friction to allow it to stay in place at the start and end, but be free in the drop, I then cached it and 7zipped it and emailed it over to matt.

He emailed back and said he thought it was too stretchy at the end, so I spent a bit longer on it and after tweaking attributes (stretch resistance from 20 to 30) and creating about 10 new caches I had two caches that would be good to cut together, so I sent the following email back to him!! exciting!

yo, hows this?
more playblasts on my blog, basically whats happenin is if the end looks good to me, the middle doesnt, and visa versa, so i think this is probs the best one,
i know you wont like the cloth spinnin at the end, so what i suggest is:

ive got two caches of the ncloth,
so render out frames 1-62 using nclothShape1Cache10 enabled (folder Shot_9_render_10_88_weds_
, then render 63-88 using nclothShape1Cache5 enabled - (folder Shot_9_render_10_88_weds_ncloth8)

(to enable the different caches, put both folders in the data folder, then select the scarf, go to the attribute editor and select the nclothShape1Cache# you want to use, and tick enable.)

in the zip is the single playblast, and the sequence is the cut one as described above..

hope that makes sense dude.

So the final render should look something similar to this quick edit in premiere! :

Previous Playblasts:

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