Wednesday, 20 May 2009

quick catch up

I've just spent a day or two working on the bandits ncloth scarf,
although this will only be used in a few scenes it has to look good!

heres a compilation of playblasts from the last two days,

and the final one:

This two days has taught me a lot about ncloth, painting the different maps onto it, and the diferent constraints for example, also If you cache the animation, you can key the individual vertices, which I found useful in dealing with problem keys.

Also, Harvey and I looked into changing the ending sequence, as it was still a bit jarring having the 2d and 3d change like it was. I thought it would be nice to have elbandito scratching in the credits on the wall in his cell. This would be done with a 1 second shot of a close up of his hand finishing off scratching a name into the wall, then panning out to show the whole wall covered in credits.

I also helped out matt with some key poses for the shot of el bandito hanging onto the side of the carriage, hitting his head against the train, which is looking good!

I have started working on the final two fight scenes, where the prisoners get back on top, one in full light, and one with a sillouette/flashes of light, which is going to be nice as it allows me to massivly exagerate the poses.

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