Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I got the textured prisoner mesh of Sam on Tuesday, and swapped all the prisoners in the scene file for the textured ones, then i changed the rig to include changes like new eyelids, moved bones, jiggle deformers weight painted better, and the blend shapes work!!

Jiggle Issue:

Painting jiggle deformer weights properly:

I created one scene with the prisoner in, and copied it three times and renamed the files Prisoner1, prisoner2, and prisoner3, this is so when I imported the three files into another scene there would be no naming issues.

So with the new models in the scene, and the animation transferred over I tidied up the scene and almost completed it.

Moving new prisoners into the scene and transfering the animation:

Scene with textured prisoners in place:

also harvey matt and I were discussing a few camera angles for the shot where the prisoners break through the back of the carriage, We added a camera angle, and I would love to see a slow motion part when the prisoner is in the air jumping to the next carriage. Hopefully put it in without extending the shot time!

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