Monday, 27 April 2009

monday meet

Showed my first animated shot to the group and discussed with matt and Kanika,
matt thought prisoner 2 should be moving slower, but Kanika thought he should be moving faster.. tried out both today and chose the slower version.

Also got the layout of the carriage has been sorted out. As I am animating the fight scenes in the carriage I needed this to be clear in my mind, so after a somewhat lengthy discussion with Matt and Harvey I drew a floor plan we all agreed upon, so I can now start animating the next two scenes (convict breaking free of chains and turning over table) which I hope to complete by the weekend.

Also had a quick look at the bandits scarf, seeing if its better to use nCloth on it (as it has volume -so looking at air pressure etc) - or should we just use joints or clusters to animate it.. will find out after a few test renders.

Help Please!?
Still can't link up the textures in my scene correctly as Maya cant seem to find a mel script and I've tried everything.. putting it in every script folder I could find, pasting the mel into the script editor, putting it on a shelf button.. nothing worked.. no idea what's going wrong.. any ideas?

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