Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Todays work.

Wednesday.. two days till submission..

Today I finished animating the second last fight scene (Shot 45c), and put it on to render. This took longer than exdpected because I had to keep doing lighting tests as firstly, the skin shader wasnt visible, then one character was too bright and the other one too dark, etc etc etc... so about an hour later I got it finished. I also had to render out another pass of the Chairs to lay on top of El Bandito as he rolls behind them. I comped it all up into after effects using the depth channel as a lens blur on the EnvRGB. I Made it so El Bandito jumped above the EnvRGB layer at the point of impact, but his left arm still needs masking out.

I also set up the breaking glass for the shot using the dynamic Create Shatter effect, and then selecting the created faces and adding gravity to them with a value of 19.8 as the shot was fast and needed the shards of glass to fall to the floor quicker and more dramatic. I Set this up to render on my laptop and gave the RGB, AO and Shadow pass to Harvey to comp up. I think I will do another one tonight for him to comp in, but using smaller pieces. I Also might render out an alpha channel so he can use it to burn colour into the scene.

I gave the footage and AE file to Harvey as he will be comping the remaining shots all day tomorrow.

I also added the sheriffs nCloth waistcoat to shot 61c, but the movements of the sheriff were duplicated from shot 24 and then changed every so slightly, so it was a simple task of importing the cache from shot 24 and keying the waistcoat group to fit over the new sheriff.

As we were running out of time, I was given shot 49 to try and get it finished to put on to render. I spent an hour or two on it, but inbetween adding ncloth to shot 22, and I'm happy with the results. I mainly worked on the marshalls and the sheriff's key frames, but also touched quite a bit of El Bandito.. sorting out some of his key poses and timings and most of his secondary animation.. so that is Kanika, Matt and Me animating all aspects of the shot! fun times! I just need to sort out the prisoner and then it will be good to go on to render first thing tomorrow.

I Also comped up three scenes in After Effects.
To use the depth layer we selected the background rgb pass and added a lens blur effect to it, and then used the depth pass as the depth map layer. See below:

Shot 48 didnt have a Depth pass, so to make the background look like all the other shots with the depth lens blur I created a mask and added a gaussian blur to it and added it above the background layer.

I also did a basic comp of shot 54, and gave it to Harvey, mainly to save Harvey time. He wanted to animate the lens blur opacity over time, and I think this shot is one of my favourites.

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