Monday, 6 April 2009

Slow mo..

I was thinking about having a shot of a convict getting punched in the belly, an having a nice slow motion bit of the hand reaching far into the fat of their belly, and then the belly wobbling... so I was just looking at how I would achieve this, and its pretty simple really.

Inside Maya you can change the settings of the timeline to 100fps, or 150fps etc, and you can do this once you have animated a scene, or before you have. If you do this after you have animated the scene you have an tick box option to keep the key frames at their current positions, or keep them relative (which is what I did)

I think it will have to be a separate scene file for this shot as I think it would work best if the model's belly was a soft body reacting to a rigid body fist.

This video is the one I posted earlier, rendered out of Maya in .tga's at 100fps, then composted in Adobe Premier and rendered out at 24fps.

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